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KRK E8B Powered Studio Monitor

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The Expose E8B represents the heart and soul of KRK engineering and design team. As the flagship of the KRK near field monitor family, the Expose products have found their home in some of the most demanding professional environments. With it's impeccable accuracy, technical superiority and remarkable imaging, Expose has become the product of choice for the world's finest engineers, producers and musicians.

The E8B features a new aluminum / beryllium inverted dome tweeter to provide smooth, lightning fast transient response, dual discrete class A/AB amplifiers delivering incredible detail, and a striking curved cabinet that reduces diffraction and provides excellent imaging. The E8B has distanced the Expos̩ line from the competition. The bottom line - the E8B offers superior imaging and incredible accuracy you can trust.

Tech Specs:

  • 1 Û AlBeMET (aluminum/beryllium) Inverted Dome Tweeter
  • 8 Û Dual Layer Kevlar/Rohacell Woofer
  • Dual 120w Discrete Class A/AB Power Amplifiers*
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz ÛÒ 30kHz +/-1dB
  • SPL: Music 112dB Peak: 115dB
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