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NEXO GEO M10 MSUB15s System

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  • NEXO GEO M10  MSUB15s System
  • NEXO GEO M10  MSUB15s System
  • NEXO GEO M10  MSUB15s System
  • NEXO GEO M10  MSUB15s System
  • NEXO GEO M10  MSUB15s System


GEO M10/MSUB15s System 



Just 531mm wide and 21Kg in weight, NEXO’s extraordinary GEO M10 combines a number of patented technologies with advanced DSP control and integral, ‘no loose parts’ rigging to create a compact, powerful, wide-bandwidth module that’s quick and easy to deploy in flown arrays or groundstacks. Favouring innovative new thinking over conventional line array wisdom, GEO M10 partners a 1.4″ throat / 2.5″ titanium diaphragm HF driver with a single, Neodymium-magnet 10″ driver and delivers an unprecedented ratio of LF response to cabinet size, outperforming many larger, dual-driver designs. And with a maximum SPL of 136dB, GEO M10 is twice as powerful as its sister-system, the GEO M6, making it ideal for speech and music events with larger audiences.




GEO M10 is a system that is as easy for one person to fly as it is to stack, with or without subs. Main cabinets feature convenient handles on the back and sides, while the MSUB15 has handles on each side. All GEO M10 cabinets use an ingenious, TÜV-compliant, AutoRig™ integral rigging system with no external or loose parts. The rigging can held in the ‘open’ position, locking closed when the next box is located, making it easy for one pair of hands to configure systems straight out of the flightcases. A total of 9 rigging angles are available which can be set quickly and easily from the rear of the cabinet using a single, integrated ball lock and cable tie, and a guide to hole alignment.



Measuring 426mm wide x 531mm high x 700mm deep and weighing 40Kg, the MSUB15 is the same width as the GEO M10 main cabinet, and 50% higher. Employing a single 15″ diameter / 3″ voice coil Neodymium driver, the MSUB15 features internal rigging and can be deployed in Omni or Cardioid modes, in flown arrays or groundstacks.




GEO M10 is a great choice for theatres and conference halls in both mobile and fixed installations. Using the Touring Bumper to fly 2 x MSUB15s with 6 x GEO M1012 per side weighs in at under 250Kg to make a compact system that leaves sight lines unaffected from every seat in the house. Adding 2 x MSUB15s on the floor necessitates a total of 1 x NXAMP4x4 per side to power the entire system.



GEO M10 groundstacks are the perfect sound reinforcement solution for live events. Quick and easy to deploy, this system uses the Touring Bumper to configure stacks of 2 x MSUB15s with 3 x GEO M1012 cabinets on top. And just one NXAMP4x4 is all it takes to power and control a highly-capable stereo system that’s equally suitable for speech and music.



Compact, light in weight and with extended LF response down to 59Hz, GEO M10 makes for a potent yet visually unobtrusive sound reinforcement system in public spaces such as airports and theme parks. These ‘3 box’ arrays use the Light Bumper, and up to 4 (12 boxes in total) can be powered by one NXAMP4X4, networkable over Dante, EtherSound or AES.




Larger GEO M10 arrays are ideal for live music with larger audiences. This system flies both main boxes and subs: 12 x GEO M1012 per side using the Light Bumper and 8 x MSUB15s with the fourth and eighth sub from the top reversed. One NEXO NUAR rack per side provides power for this stereo system.




NXAMP is far more complex than a bundled power amplifier and loudspeaker controller. Significant DSP innovations allows multiple digital sense lines to protect at the same time the amplifier and the connected speakers. First the NXAMP4x4 uses a unique dual mains cord, feeding the power supplies with nearly twice the power than most audio amplifiers today, still being extremely easy to connect to any mono or multiple phases mains. To absorb this enormous quantity of current the NXAMP4x4 reveals four independant high power full resonant power supplies working in opposite phase, thus cancelling noise and lowering EMC.

NXAMP4x4 uses advanced custom components based power amplifier design, the ultimate evolution of the Yamaha’s EEEngine technology, offering the sonic purity of conventional class AB but a heat dissipation equaling the class D. Not only the two dual-core DSPs are taking care of the amplifier protection and optimization, but they also redefine the processing standard of NEXO proprietary loudspeaker management technology to a higher sonic performance and reliability level.

With useful features such as full computerless front panel operation, on the fly independant louspeaker per output selection or load monitoring trough GPIO or Ethersound™/AES/EBU/Dante™ network for safety installation, the NXAMP4x4 is ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.


  • Ultra flexible true four channels digital processing and amplification solution offering a perfect match to any NEXO speakers
  • Among the industry’s most powerful four channels amplifiers
  • Cost effective integration of command, control, protection and amplification of all NEXO speakers systems
  • Lighter and requires less rack space than conventional amplifier-processor systems
  • Eliminates unnecessary A/D conversion
  • Optional Dante™, EtherSound™ or AES/EBU network cards



Number of channels 4x amplifiers channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable
Max. output voltage (no load) 4x 200 Volts
Max. output power (4 channels mode /8 Ohms load per channel) 4x 1900 Watts
Max. output power (4 channels mode /4 Ohms load per channel) 4x 3300 Watts
Max. output power (4 channels mode /2 Ohms load per channel) 4x 4000 Watts
Max. output power (2 channels mode /8 Ohms load per channel) 2x 6800 Watts
Max. output power (2 channels mode /4 Ohms load per channel) 2x 8000 Watts
Power consumption (Standby) 20 Watts
Power consumption (Idle) 120 Watts
Frequency response +0.5 dB from 10 Hz to 20 KHz
Input impedance / Max. level 20 KΩ / +28 dBU
Dynamic range / TDH + N 105 dB unweighted / Typical 0.1% on a flat setup
Latency 500 us on a flat setup
A to D Converters Audio and current/voltage sense lines : 24 bits @ 48 KHz
Processing Two dual-core 24 bits fixed point DSP with 56 bits accumulator




Analog audio inputs 4x balanced analogue inputs on XLR3 with a second XLR3 for link
Power outputs 4x Neutrik Speakon NL-4 outputs
RS232 port 1x DB-9 connector for firmware upgrade and accessories connection
GPIO port 1x DB-25 connector with 5x Global Purpose Inputs and 8x Global Purpose Outputs
Expansion slot For networking audio cards, 4x digital audio inputs and remote control
Mains sockets 2x Neutrik Powercon NAC3 (2x 16 A) or NAC3-HC (2x 32 A) depending on model
Front panel buttons and knobs On/Off Mains switch, Select Wheel, 2x Menus buttons, 4x Select and 4x Mute buttons
Display 40 characters by 2 lines LCD display with LED backlight
Global status display Power, Standby and Amp Protect LEDs
Speakers/Amp status display Per channel, output current sensing, speaker protection and channel soft clip
Dimensions 4U 19" Rack - 457 mm (18") Depth
Weight 24.5 Kg (49 lbs) net
Electrical Safety Certification cULus, CB (CE)
EMC Certification CE, FCC
Green status Compliant with ROHS directive



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