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QSC K10 10" Powered PA Speaker

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  • QSC K10 10" Powered PA Speaker
  • QSC K10 10" Powered PA Speaker
  • QSC K10 10" Powered PA Speaker


We'll sum up the QSC K10 in a word: "WOW." When QSC came out to Sweetwater to let us hear their brand-new K Series of speakers, we could hardly believe our ears. These extremely lightweight, 1,000W powerhouses will redefine your expectations of how a PA speaker should sound. They're loud, yes. But they have the kind of balance and clarity you expect to find in only the best studio monitors. Factor in the wide dispersion so everyone in the audience can hear, and you sound better than ever before with the QSC K10. But they get better. 

QSC packed in tailored EQ switches and DSP, so you can adjust the K10's sound to whatever you're doing. Our favorite is the DEEP switch. Flip it on, and you've got unbelievable bass response... from a 10" speaker. You can always add in a sub if you need to take your sound any lower. Use the Vocal Boost to give the mid-frequency area more presence or keep it flat for "what goes in is what comes out" honesty. Other clever touches include the switchable LED light. Keep the front-mounted LED powered on when you want to give yourself a cool look onstage, but when discreet is the name of the game you can switch it off — no problem. You can even have the LED work as a Clip Limiter Circuit indicator, so the sound engineer knows what's going on, even from the back of the room.

What's the story on the I/O side of things? The QSC K10's combo XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs accept both Mic and Line Level input while a set of RCA phono inputs make it easy to hook up your portable MP3 players, CD players, and line-level mixers. Up to three audio sources can be mixed internally and summed to a balanced output for "daisy-chaining" of multiple units — very handy. Plus separate direct outputs are also provided on each channel for even more flexibility.

When you're ready to step up the sound of your PA system, the QSC K Series is the place to start. Sound that rivals studio monitors, 1,000W performance from an amazingly lightweight speaker, and helpful features that keep you sounding your best... set yourself up with the pro-caliber QSC K10.

QSC K10 Powered PA Speaker Features at a Glance:

  • 10" LF driver, 1.75" HF driver
  • 1,000 watt, efficient and light-weight class-D power module
  • Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) and Intrinsic Correction DSP tuning for accurate, undistorted performance across the entire sound field 
  • GuardRail technology discreetly protects the system from damaging overload 
  • Deep mode for enhanced low-frequency extension without a subwoofer 
  • Locking IEC power cable 
  • XLR and 1/4" connectors
  • Phone Mic/Line and Line inputs with Loop-thru connectors and independent level controls. 
  • Phono (RCA) inputs 
  • Front mounted LED may be switched off or indicate "Limit" or AC Power On 
  • Dual angle, 35mm pole socket with Tilt-Direct allows the speaker to be angled down
  • Suspension and yoke mounting accessories available 
  • 4" voice-coil woofer design for reduced weight 
  • 1.75" voice-coil compression driver 
  • High Pass Filter for use with subwoofers 
  • Threaded pole socket for solid, secure pole mounting 
  • 3" Casters
  • Weight 32 lbs
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